Compare Your Contract Revisions 10x Faster

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Compare Your Contract Revisions 10x Faster

Your Company is Built on Contracts

Contracts underpin your sales and revenue. They protect you from risk. They define your rights and obligations. Yet most companies only use 10% of their contract data to inform their most important business decisions. 

What vital information is hidden in the other 90%?   

Only Exari can provide:

  • Full insight into your legacy and third-party contracts.
  • Instant access to your current prevailing language.
  • Seamless end user adoption across your entire enterprise.
Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing are transforming the way business is done. Find out how with our new eBook: The Rise of AI in Contract Management.

You have contracts. It's time to put them to work.

Our Key Differentiators

Learn what makes Exari the most advanced Contract Management platform in the world.

Universal Contract Model™

If something isn’t organized, it’s disorganized.

Analyzing the data from one contract is easy. But what if you want to compare that contract against 100 others? And what if each of those is different: sell-side, buy-side; your paper, counterparty paper; simple, complex? With so many aspects in play, things can quickly get complicated.

Our Universal Contract Model (UCM) breaks down every contract into a consistent set of components, allowing you to turn formless documents into structured data and analyze every contract in your portfolio in ways you never thought possible. The UCM is the 21st century way of looking at contracts.

Universal Contract Model

Golden Source of Data

Unlock the knowledge in your contracts.

Contracts are the riskiest pieces of paper flying around your company. Between the original document, amendments, orders, notices, and emails, how do you know which piece of information can be trusted? Which terms are you going to use to inform your business decisions?

If you've ever been left wondering if you're acting on outdated contract terms, you know the problem with not having a true golden source for every contract. Our system’s unprecedented depth allows you to track every prevailing term. This the foundation of 100% Contract Certainty™.

Enterprise-wide Adoption

Contract management isn’t just for lawyers anymore.

The needs of the legal department are much different than those of the sales team, same with HR and IT, or procurement and the C-suite. Why try to shoehorn one into a system built for the other? Or choose completely separate systems that are incompatible with each other? 

Exari is the expert in providing the specific tools and resources needed by each of your departments, enterprise-wide. 

Exari provides enterprise-wide contract management.

Whatever your contract need, we have a solution for you.

Achieve 100% Contract Certainty™ across your entire enterprise.

Here's how:

  • Visibility into your existing contract portfolio.
  • Understanding of your contractual risk.
  • Contract management best practices.

We call this 100% Contract Certainty.

Let us show you how it works.

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Explore Our Product Suite

Find out which solution best fits the needs of your enterprise.

Exari Contracts™

Exari Contracts is the world's favorite contract lifecycle management software, built to address every contracting challenge facing today’s enterprises.

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Exari Vision

To fully operationalize your contracts, you need to turn your documents into data. Exari Vision allows you to do that with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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Exari DocGen™

Exari DocGen empowers companies with unprecedented levels of speed, control, and flexibility in the creation and negotiation of contracts.

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Exari Match

Exari Match allows instant document comparison so you are always fully aware of any and all changes, edits, and amendments to your contracts.

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Contiki ECM

Contiki ECM is the premier solution for project-based contracting, purpose-built to improve the entire process, from negotiation to analysis to decision.

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Let us help you bring your business into the 21st century.

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Exari has a world-class client base including 5 of the top 15 banks, 4 of the top insurance brokers, and numerous market-leading energy companies.

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