What is 100% Contract Certainty™?

Companies are built on contracts, pages upon pages of rights, obligations, restrictions, and deadlines. How are you keeping track? At Exari, we provide unprecedented visibility into your existing contract portfolio, a comprehensive understanding of your contractual risk, and the tools to empower users with contract management “best practices.”

We call this 100% Contract Certainty™. Let us show you how it works.

Step 1: Gain visibility into your existing portfolio of contracts

Importing your existing contracts into Exari turns words on the page into actionable data, allowing you to instantly report on, visualize, and analyze individual contracts and the trends across your entire contract portfolio. This helps keep you ahead of your obligations and out of breech.

Step 2: Gain visibility into your contractual risk

It’s critical to understand exactly how much risk you have in your contracts and where that risk lives. Exari’s risk scoring algorithm analyzes more than 20 different risk factors to objectively measure the risk of each of your contracts, allowing you to identify and manage small issues before they can become big problems.

Step 3: Gain visibility into your contracting practices

The easiest way to protect your business from dangerous contracts is to simply improve your drafting process. Exari’s automated contracting allows you to easily create high quality, low risk documents through an intuitive, interview-driven system. This lowers costs, reduces bottlenecks, and empowers business users.

Want to know how you can gain 100% Contract Certainty™ throughout your entire enterprise? Learn how Exari can solve for any Enterprise contract management challenge, designed to meet all contract-related challenges facing the modern enterprise.

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