Anatomy of a Document Assembly Blog

A colleague recently shared this wordle of The Exari Blog and it got me thinking. As the de facto editor of the blog, it contained information that I found very interesting. For one thing, it reaffirmed to me that we are sticking to the issues we think most interest our readers – please correct me if I’m wrong.

“Word Documents” and “numbering” jump off the page, and since these are the underpinnings of legal document assembly efforts, were not surprising to see. Prominent themes included document automation, contracts, risk, and other ideas that you would also expect from a document assembly blog. But there were some other interesting insights. For example, why is Martin the only author to appear, when in fact Andrew is the most prolific?

Clearly we are writing a lot about Microsoft Word, and those posts tend to be well read, especially The “Word Styling” Ward of the Asylum and The Perils of MS Word. Then there are the more provocative posts which tend to be written by Jamie. We know people enjoy them, but they are also particularly well read since like Death by Laptop and How to Waste $34 Billion in Homeland Security they are referenced in Wikipedia.

So getting back to Martin. Why was he the only author to appear? Perhaps because his posts are the sexiest? Please tell us which type of post you most like to see here. We’d love your suggestions for topics, or if you prefer to write it yourself, invite you to guest author a post. You can share your ideas in the comments below, or contact me here.

Thanks for reading. And thanks to Jeremy for the Wordle!

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