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Exari Recognized by Spend Matters for Procurement

Exari Recognized by Spend Matters for Procurement
Exari Recognized by Spend Matters for Procurement

April 11, 2019 Mary Curtin Contract Management  

Exari’s Contract Lifecycle Management

As the leading provider of contract lifecycle management software, we are proud to have been named one of Spend Matters “50 Providers to Know” yet again! During provider evaluation, Spend Matters takes a procurement- centric approach – looking for cohesive capabilities on the buy-side and ranking vendors by analyst score and customer ratings. Among the eleven assessed vendors, Spend Matters analysts ranked Exari in the top two for each of their four buyer personas. This list acknowledges the latest technologies and service offerings that are transforming businesses with improved methods for productivity, increased efficiency and visibility.

Who is Spend Matters?

Spend Matters is a leading analyst for procurement solutions, conducting comprehensive quarterly assessments of the latest technologies specific to contract lifecycle management and procurement. Spend Matters routinely reviews the latest procurement technology and service offerings to help organizations make profitable and effective decisions.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) for Procurement

For a long time, contract management was mostly synonymous with sell-side business. That meant drafting master sales agreements, integrating with Salesforce, and running sales-specific reports. Today, though, if companies want to keep up with the pace of global business, they can’t afford to use separate, siloed systems for sales and procurement.

But, what does CLM for procurement look like? With Exari, the answer is “basically the same as CLM for sales.” That’s because Exari was built from the ground-up as an enterprise-wide solution to handle all contracts, across every department, the same way. This is also true for the data inside each of those contracts, which is all consistently structured via our Universal Contract Model ™ (UCM). The result is that sales and procurement can work in the same secure and centralized system, providing true, portfolio-wide visibility.

Of course, there are some needs that are specific to each department. For CLM, this basically boils down to what data each department needs to capture and what systems they need to pass that data to and from. There again, Exari offers a universal solution. For procurement, they can easily capture their necessary data points (specific renewals dates, payment terms, etc.), all modeled in the UCM. And thanks to Exari’s open API, this data can then be seamlessly moved to and from their favorite supplier masters/ERPs, like SAP and Oracle. This all makes procurement’s job easier, while providing company-wide contract visibility for legal, finance, and the c-suite.

Stop using disparate systems for your key business processes. Keep all your contracts under one roof with Exari.


Mary Curtin is Exari's Marketing Specialist.