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Exari’s Contract Lifecycle Management Migration Expertise

Exari’s Contract Lifecycle Management Migration Expertise
Exari’s Contract Lifecycle Management Migration Expertise

April 04, 2019 Mary Curtin Contract Management  

Meet One of Our IBM Emptoris Experts

With just over a year left of IBM Emptoris accessibility, users are in the home stretch of finding an alternative system. At Exari, we understand your pain points, and we’ve got the experts to help ease your migration. I sat down with one of Exari’s Emptoris experts, Kristin Jacobsen, to discuss the ins-and-outs of contract lifecycle management migration.

Q: What is your IBM Emptoris background?

A: I joined Emptoris around 2005 (with Version 5) and stayed with the company through our acquisitions by diCarta and IBM, and then through the sunsetting of Emptoris. I worked closely with Jim Hartford, now a fellow Exarian, and served as Best Practice lead for Emptoris Contract Management for the last seven years. We had different modules -- supplier lifecycle management, sourcing, program management – and Jim was the overall Best Practice lead for the whole suite.

Q: What did you learn there that you were able to bring with you to Exari?

A: It’s an interesting comparison. When I first joined Exari, I was assigned to a project as Solution Architect because of my contract lifecycle management (CLM) expertise. That has been tremendously helpful just to make sure people are thinking about things the right way. Someone says, “I want to do this or that,” but you need to remember to ask, “Ok, why do you want to do it? What’s your real use case for it? Perhaps there’s a better way to do it.” There are some best practices that are really about process -- these are process practices for CLM, no matter what system. Then, there are some that are product-specific topics; what one system accomplishes in one way and another system does very differently.

Q: In what ways is Exari different?

A: Exari has more technical flexibility [than Emptoris] and some of the clients who chose Emptoris over Exari back in the day, are looking at Exari because we have much more technical capability to do things differently – that’s very attractive. Exari security is easier to implement, which I like. We have a basic set of groups and roles, which we can easily apply to sites and templates. As we’re adding new features and functionality, we’re adding permissions around them.

Q: What does migration look like?

A: At the simplest level, it’s a data collection effort. Get the data, choose what data fields are important, get the data fields out of Emptoris, and put it into Exari. There are a couple of directions you can go with that, and with migration there’s also an opportunity do a little bit of data cleanup, maybe rethink your data structure- in terms of how you had data stored in the old system and how you’ll store them in the new system going forward. There are Exari capabilities like Exari Vision or Exari DocQ where you can say, “I’m not necessarily going to rely on the data that was stored in Emptoris because they might be collecting the data but it might not be properly populated.” You can get the accurate data out of the document instead of relying data fields. So, when we look at migration, those are those questions we ask. Migration is an opportunity to make sure you get things right in Exari.

Q: What is the advantage of having IBM Emptoris experts?

A: The real advantage of having Emptoris’ best practice people –like Jim, Pandy, Tim and me - is our CLM experience and the fact that we’ve implemented contract management systems for 200 clients. We know the right questions to ask, we know the right things to think about and that just makes it all smoother. It’s about making sure you ask the right questions up front, so you design things to work smoothly. Also, of course we know Emptoris’ gaps and can build the Exari solution to fill those gaps.

Exari’s contract lifecycle management system ensures you’re gaining visibility, exposing risk, and staying on top of your contract management. Replacing your Emptoris system is easier than ever, especially with experts like Kristin! Contact us now to speak with one of our Emptoris experts to evaluate your migration process today.


Mary Curtin is Exari's Marketing Specialist.