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How PwC Legal and PartnerVine are disrupting Big Law

How PwC Legal and PartnerVine are disrupting Big Law

October 20, 2017 Mike Maziarz Document Generation  

Today, the legal arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Switzerland started selling automated legal documents to the public. That’s what LegalZoom pioneered in the US, and now PwC Legal is bringing it to B2B. That’s big news and it didn’t stop there. They’re also selling their Swiss law docs on PartnerVine, which is an open platform for law firms to sell their legal documents. Together, that’s a revolution.

Here’s why. As a bit of background, many law firms have implemented automated document generation software like Exari DocGen™. They use document generation to make sure their junior lawyers don’t run off the rails, and to help their clients automate their high volume contracts. When a client comes to those firms though, they still get their service the old-fashioned way—from a person over email or on the phone. That’s the case even if the first thing the lawyer does for them is start putting together their first draft on a document generation software like Exari DocGen.

PwC Legal is flipping that concept on its head, and is letting customers buy documents from its library of DocGen documents. (Yes, PwC is a fantastic customer of Exari, and has implemented Exari DocGen across the globe, and will shortly roll out Exari Contracts™). Not only does that open up PwC Legal’s knowledge management to the public, but it does so at a price point that could never be matched the old-fashioned way.

For customers, not only do you get PwC Legal’s Swiss-law library, but in the future you’ll be able to see what PwC Legal is good at and pick and choose the right tool for your job. So Big Law finally meets the internet’s transparency and choice. We’ve never seen a more disruptive strategy for Big Law, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

Congratulations to PwC Legal in Switzerland and PartnerVine for blowing the lid off the legal industry!

For those of you who like the details, here’s a bit more info.

  • For starters, how is PwC a law firm? PWC is best known for accounting, advisory and tax services, but PWC Legal has been breaking into the top ranks of law firms for general legal services for the last fifteen years. With 2,500 lawyers in 85 countries and a vast client base of FTSE 200 companies, several leading banks and high net worth individuals, PWC Legal is an influential and respected law firm in its own right.
  • What is PwC offering? PwC Legal has launched its offer on PartnerVine in Switzerland. At the time of launch, they’ve got about 45 documents under Swiss law for sale in beta, and they are aiming to build up to a more comprehensive suite of corporate legal documents under Swiss law, aligned with their practice areas.
  • Who is PartnerVine? PartnerVine is where law firms go to sell their automated legal documents. PartnerVine’s mission is to bring transparency and choice to in-house counsel by partnering with the world’s best law firms to sell their automated documents directly to the public. Started by a former managing director and general counsel at one of the world’s largest private equity firms, PartnerVine brings the institutional knowledge of the world’s law firms to in-house counsel.

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Mike is Exari's Chief Marketing Officer.