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Mobile Sales Teams Beat Industry Average Quotas

Mobile Sales Teams Beat Industry Average Quotas
Mobile Sales Teams Beat Industry Average Quotas

January 20, 2010 Dahna Ori Document Generation  

In a recent Aberdeen Group survey report, Sales Mobility – Quotas Untethered (free registration required), analyst Peter Ostrow explored how supporting a sales staff with mobility initiatives improved their performance. He found that an average of 65% of sales reps in the “Best in Class” performers were achieving their annual sales quota, compared to 54% for industry average.

Survey results also show that top performing organizations share the following:

  • 87% enable synchronization of calendars, contacts, events and/or tasks.
  • 78% support remote viewing and modification of key CRM sales information.

Among the “Required Actions” cited in the report was the need to provide sales teams with unfettered access to, and the ability to amend both CRM-based and other relevant corporate data.

To a sales person, that “relevant corporate data” is likely an NDA or sales contract. Just think how much shorter a sales cycle could be if the sales team could create a compliant NDA while at the customer’s office, whether on a laptop, iPad or smartphone. Think of the time savings not only for the sales team, but the corporate legal department if only approved contract clauses could be used.

Exari document generation software is available on mobile devices and works in any web browser. It can be integrated with or other CRM system to enable the sales team to have all of their important data in one place, available when and where they need it to help them close deals.

To see how Exari can help you accelerate your sales, whether in your office or on the road,try a demo of an NDA or Services Agreement.


Dahna Ori is Exari’s Digital Marketing Specialist. Reach out on twitter @ExariDahna