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The Contract Certainty Blog | Exari

How Good Contracts Protect You from Bad Haircuts in M&A Transactions

In the context of an M&A event, a "haircut" is generally not a good thing. In fact, a haircut on your company valuation can be a very bad thing, discounting your value to the tune of millions of dollars. And if your contracts contain certain valuation-shrinking clauses, it is exactly what you'll get.

Revolutionary mutterings from Stanford's FutureLaw Conference: the machines are coming...

It's hard enough to get lawyers to agree about things happening right now. Getting them to agree about the future? That's impossible. So it's no surprise that there were many different views of the future at Stanford's Stanford's FutureLaw Conference Conference. The event, hosted by the "CodeX" Center for Legal Informatics, brought together a broad mix of legal, technology, business, academic and finance people for a busy day of future-gazing. What follows is my personal take on the conference highlights and some impressions on where there was (or wasn't) consensus. For another perspective, you can read Tim Hwang's take on the "Stanford Consensus" here .

Is your department over-lawyered, under-lawyered, or just right?

For the second consecutive year, in conjunction with General Counsel Metrics, LLC , we are pleased to invite you to take part in the fourth General Counsel Metrics Law Department Benchmark Survey. It had more than 1,000 total participants last year, each of whom enjoyed access to valuable benchmarking data coming out of the survey.

eBook: Contract Management Maturity Assessment

Where is your company on the Contract Management Maturity Assessment Model?

Have you ever wondered how effectively your company manages its documents? At what stage in the contract lifecycle are your processes most inefficient?  And how different are your contract management practices from those of best in class companies?

The Latest and Greatest Document Assembly

Apologies for the headline, but we're excited about the release of Exari Document Assembly Software Version 6.1. It's available now and has more than 200 new features that enhance the system’s capabilities from document creation through negotiation, storage and obligation management.

GC Metrics Survey Includes Contract Management Software

In conjunction with General Counsel Metrics, LLC, we invite you to take part in the world’s largest benchmark survey.  More than 800 companies have done so already this year. For the first time, this year's  GC Metrics Survey will include a question about Contract Management software. Respondents will be able to see how many of their peers have automated their contracts process and which software packages are in use across legal departments.

Big Data and Document Automation

"Big Data" is a hot topic these days, especially amongst those charged with business and regulatory compliance.  Wikipedia defines Big Data as "a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools."

Enterprise Document Automation

When choosing an enterprise document or contract automation solution, it's important to consider the full spectrum of documents across the company; from complex contracts for legal, to employment agreements for HR, to finance documents for the CFO, to customer communications for marketing.

Exari Will Exhibit at ISDA’s Mid-Year Conference

We are attending and exhibiting our document automation software at the ISDA Mid-Year Conference in London on September 20.  ISDA, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc., is the global trade association for OTC derivatives and maintainers of the industry-standard ISDA documentation.