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The Latest In Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

The Latest In Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions
The Latest In Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

April 25, 2019 Mary Curtin Contract Management  

A Leader in Enterprise Contract Management

In today’s business world, effective contract management is all about increasing productivity and staying ahead of your deadlines and risks. Your company’s success is important to us, which is why our entire team of subject matter experts, ranging from lawyers to solution architects to engineers, are working with customers to constantly improve the Exari platform and deliver the latest and greatest in contract management technology.

With our newest release, we’re once again setting the precedent for what it means to be a leader in global enterprise contract management. We are excited to announce the release of Exari Version 7.7, which introduces wide-ranging platform enhancements that automate various contracting tasks at scale and streamlines company-wide workflows. These updates will help drive efficiency and compliance throughout your entire corporation.

So, What’s New?

All of the current advantages of Exari that you know and love are here to stay, but we’ve increased their capabilities to add even more control and flexibility. So, without further ado, we present the latest innovations of Version 7.7:

  • Mass Actions: Unleash the power of data! With Mass Actions, you can now complete contracting actions – including amendments, owner changes, and data updates – across thousands of contracts at once. Permission sets and approval workflows improve control, while a more granular search and improved UX significantly boosts efficiency.
  • Activity Manager: Increased productivity is reliant on streamlined communications across teams, departments, and geographies. Activity Manager provides a powerful workflow engine for assigning and accessing requests, centralizing task navigation, sharing files, and providing comments and feedback. This expands your communication for enhanced visibility and clarification throughout your entire internal approval and negotiation process.
  • Compliance Manager: Stay ahead of your deadlines with our rules engine. Create highly configurable set-it-and-forget-it reminders and alerts that are automatically triggered when your specified criteria are met. Now you can also mitigate time zone confusion with more user-friendly date and time selection tools. This version also rolls out more complete rule sets and customizable notifications for greater control.

What this means for your Contract Lifecycle Management

In addition to these enhanced capabilities, you can count on 7.7 to deliver the power and flexibility that your company needs. With an even more intuitive UI, built on top an even more powerful technology, 7.7 will give you deeper visibility into the health of your contracts and make it easy to drive enterprise-wide adoption. Moreover, with the recent announcement of IBM Emptoris expiry, Exari has stepped in with a solution that is more than capable of handling the complexity of data migration. With this cutting-edge release, customers will receive even more data capture capabilities for a seamless integration.

Upgrade Now!

When it comes to your contracts, good is not good enough – so it’s time to scale your business productivity with Version 7.7. If you’re interested in seeing how your company can benefit from the newest release, contact your account representative or email us at to get started today.


Mary Curtin is Exari's Marketing Specialist.