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The Power of Groups

The Power of Groups
The Power of Groups

April 29, 2007 Dahna Ori Document Generation  

As a fresh faced law school graduate, one of my first tasks at the firm I joined was to incorporate a company. From what I recall, the process involved:

  1. Writing people's names and addresses over and over again in a whole bunch of documents (application forms; directors' consents; meeting minutes; share certificates; notices, and numerous other templates) and crossing out sections of documents that weren't applicable.
  2. Handing the documents to a secretary to type them up (I can't recall why I wasn't supposed to type them myself).
  3. Reviewing the documents for accuracy.
  4. Handing the documents back to the secretary to fix.
  5. Posting the documents to the client.
  6. What I remember most clearly was not understanding why the process was so slow and (in my view) so susceptible to error. I was writing the same information in at least half a dozen different documents. Surely there was a better way?

It turns out that what I was after is a function in Exari called Groups. As the name suggests, Groups enable you to set up related templates so that users only have to provide information once, with the system then populating all the documents with that information and producing them as a package. The result? A suite of consistent documents generated in a fraction of the time.

If only they'd had that when I was a grad.


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