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Does it take too long to close deals due to legal bottlenecks and inefficiencies?

Let’s face it – without a CLM solution, it’s difficult to maintain contract integrity when your team is in overdrive. For peace of mind and to avoid staff overages or other hidden costs, you need contract creation technology that eliminates legal bottlenecks and rogue contracting, and ensures that every contract meets legal and business standards.

Your business moves at a fast pace—that’s a good thing. Getting more deals out means getting more revenue in. But getting deals out quickly presents certain challenges, especially when it comes to creating and negotiating contracts.

creating and negotiating your contractsYour business doesn’t slow down for anyone.

Exari Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) equips your businesses with powerful, wizard-based contract creation tools featuring interviews and intelligent templates that have been pre-approved by legal as well as contract creation technology that helps you draft complex deals or amend contracts drafted by external stakeholders on third party paper.

Our patented CLM technology provides users with a checklist of issues for each deal type and the ability to capture, flag and track the differences between various iterations of contracts, so nothing is left to chance.

The Create & Negotiate function of Exari’s Contract Lifecycle Management solution means your company is able to:

  • Create and capture amendments, orders, renewals, termination, notices and assignments for active contracts drafted by either internal or external stakeholders, no matter on whose paper
  • Generate basic contracts by business users via a convenient self-service wizard with pre-approved, intelligent templates
  • Draft, negotiate and capture complex contracts via a combination of wizard, clause library and playbook resources
  • Allow authorized users to exchange, version and compare contract drafts and comments internally and with counterparties
  • Ensure that contract data aligns with contract documents after negotiations are completed
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