Capture & Share

If you’re like most execs, finding and accessing contracts is a time consuming process. While every company typically wants to do a better job managing contracts, contracts and contract data are scattered throughout the organization, making it difficult to make meaningful contract management improvements.

Savvy decision-makers know that providing centralized access is the first step toward better contract management. Why? Because without easy access and visibility into contracts and contract data, it’s simpy not possible to effectively monitor contracts, reduce risk exposure and seamlessly share contract-based information with everyone who needs it.

capture and share

Contracts affect nearly every aspect of your business. The path to improving the contract management lifecycle begins by capturing and aggregating your company’s existing, paper-based contracts in a single, accessible place. 

Creating a central, electronic location for your organization’s contracts makes it possible to gain the visibility into contract data that is so vital for a healthy business to stay on top of risk. It also means that you are able to take advantage of knowledge sharing tools embedded in our CLM products that allow legal teams access to clause libraries and sales reps with workflows and automatic approvals, slashing the time it takes to create, negotiate and approve contracts.

Critical dimensions of the Capture & Share function include:

  • Collect all contractual documents in a single, central repository
  • Capture valuable contract data points for complete visibility and better informed business knowledge
  • Contracts and important contract data are fully searchable Control access to documents and data to protect contract integrity and confidentiality
  • A personalized, intuitive user experience, optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices
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