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Have you ever missed a renewal? Or realized too late you’ve been overcharged or underpaid? Contract tracking and analysis is all about achieving complete visibility into contract data and turning that data into insights that help you run your business. Like it or not, every new contract creates additional risk management challenges in the form of milestones or triggers—events that can have serious legal and business consequences for your company. To protect your business with quick, informed decision making, you need technology that analyzes and tracks milestones and triggers so you never miss another renewal.

But it’s more than just knowing where your risks and obligations lie. Exari’s analysis and tracking functionalities includes standard, industry-specific and custom reports that can be tailored to your specific business needs and strategy.

Analyze and track your contracts

In today’s business environment, your company can’t afford to fly blind—you need clear visibility to the information in your contracts so you can manage common risks and properly analyze the threats posed by unexpected scenarios that are described in your contracts.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) gives your business access to the critical terms and data that are contained in both new and existing contracts. But more importantly, it gives your team the ability to analyze, track and instantly react to new situations and time-sensitive risks.

The Analyze & Track function of Exari’s Contract Lifecycle Management approach helps your business:

  • Search contracts via keyword or full text to discover relevant documents and clauses (native text docs, OCR imaged docs)
  • Create and run reports that provide contract-based insights and help you improve your contractual processes, such as identifying exposure to uncapped liability or highlighting potential bottlenecks
  • Establish automated alerts and tasks to always be aware of important events and milestones (e.g., contract expiry dates or a credit rating downgrade).
  • Avoid client and regulatory compliance failures before they mar your brand’s reputation
  • Run Exari’s standard and industry-specific reports for out-of-the-box insight into your processes, risks, and value
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