Exari Contracts™

Enterprise Contract Management Solution

Recently named by Spend Matters as the only “Provider to Watch” for Enterprise Contract Management in 2016, Exari Contracts™ is the only Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system built to address the full spectrum of contracting challenges facing today’s enterprises.™  is the only Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform built to address the full spectrum of contracting challenges facing today’s modern enterprise. Designed by a team of lawyers, engineers and business professionals, and powered by the world’s first robust Universal Contract Model, Exari is committed to delivering on its mission of 100% Contract Certainty™.

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Exari Contracts™ is quickly becoming the world’s favorite enterprise contract management software. Exari transforms the way your organization manages, creates, negotiates, approves, executes, tracks and analyzes the entire contract lifecycle. Fast, intuitive access to all your contract data for everyone who needs it through one centralized global repository for securely storing and managing your entire contract portfolio. Exari Contracts™ is a fully-featured enterprise solution for improving contract visibility, risk management, and operationally efficiency. The system includes a global repository, robust contract data model, “Wizard: based document generation, rule-based and ad hoc approvals and workflow, and a combination of standard, custom and ad-hoc reporting and analytics. Additionally, Exari leverages your other systems via API and pre-built contract content for seamless integration. 

Exari Contracts™ Highlights

          Features Benefits
Create in multiple formats Draft, negotiate and finalize contracts in Word, PDF or XML file formats, eliminating lost paperwork and version confusion
Flexible organization Get accurate insight into the complexity of your contractual relationships through our versatile, robust designs
Ad-hoc reporting Analyze risks and events in real time using our drag-and-drop environment
Control access to documents Decide who sees what with fine-grain access controls for state of the art security
Quick start time Be setup and ready to go in under 24 hours with out-of-the-box models for core contract data
Search, track and analyze Use custom tools for your industry to identify issues and risks across your portfolio and strengthen your decision-making using simple and advanced search functions
Fingertip access to powerful analytics Track milestones and obligations, receive tasks and email alerts, and view contract risk data, always with the right lead time
Personalized dashboards Gain immediate insight into contractual terms based on filters, such as active and expiring agreements by industry and geography, high risk of termination and high risk exposures

Instantly create and amend deals using a streamlined drafting and negotiation process

  • Empower your front office professionals to generate create compliant, self-service contracts and close deals quickly with our advanced self-service contracts  interview-driven wizard
  • Ensure fingertip access to all that expert negotiators can always find preferred and fallback clauses during negotiations, and simplify maintenance of terms clauses used across multiple contract templates, with using our powerful clause library
  • Support negotiators using Dynamic Playbooks with a guided review process for contracts on the other party’s paper
  • Exari RoundTrip® negotiation and document comparison tools provides visibility into changes made during negotiations and supports re-use of negotiated clauses within the document generation assembly wizard
  • Negotiator plug-in for Word provides single-click redlining of incoming and outgoing drafts to ensure unexpected changes don’t slip through, and streamlines the task of checking drafts in and out of your contract management systems central contract repository
  • Final RoundTrip® action automatically cleans up meta-data for contracts negotiated on your paper, with minimal human effort

Catch major risks and close deals faster with our Flexible approval and signature workflows

  • Low-risk deals are pre-approved for quicker turnaround, no workflows necessary
  • Higher-risk deals fall into automatic workflows, so nothing risky ever slips through the cracks
  • For highly complex deals where rules don’t apply, ad hoc approval workflows mean someone is always accountable and you can always verify compliance
  • Robust eSignature integration with DocuSign and other digital signature solutions for faster turnaround time
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Achieve 100% Contract Certainty™