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Manually drafting contracts is always tedious and occasionally error-prone. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to create secure, compliant contracts in a fraction of the time? What’s more, how much aggravation would be saved if end users could produce their own pre-approved contracts without even involving the legal department? Sounds pretty good, right?

That’s where Exari DocGen™ comes in.

Powerful yet brilliantly simple, DocGen is the world’s leading enterprise document generation software, providing an ideal balance of speed and control in creating and negotiating contracts. From simple agreements to the most complex documents, DocGen allows users to generate their own contracts, speeding-up their projects while freeing-up legal and IT teams so they can focus on higher value priorities.

Even among specialist Contract Lifecycle Management providers, Exari makes it comparatively easy to create contracts and associated documents using its wizard-based contract builder.

Spend Matters Technology Review, 2018
Exari’s Intuitive Document Generation Engine

When it comes to accelerating contract drafting, companies need to balance two things: efficiency and risk. Having legal counsel draw-up every contract is time-consuming and expensive, but that’s just the price of having comprehensive, low-risk contracts.

With DocGen, you can have the best of both worlds: ironclad contracts drafted in minutes. How?

DocGen uses an intuitive, browser-based interview to generate any type of contract. To gather the necessary contract information, users simply answer a dynamic set of questions, instinctively grouped by topic. This information then populates the contract template, creating a compliant, accurate contract in record time. And with Exari’s authoring tools, it’s never been easier for companies to create the contract templates that power the DocGen engine.

Want to see for yourself how DocGen can dramatically reduce the time it takes you to create a contract?

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High Speed, Low Risk
  • Instantly preview documents in the web browser to check and change drafts before launching Word or PDF.
  • Active interview pages provide a more responsive user experience, with instant display of relevant follow-up questions and warnings during the interview.
  • Optional Learning Mode keeps track of which answers are most commonly chosen by other users, taking into account their previous choices during the Exari web interview and document assembly process.
  • With the click of a mouse, users can go back to the relevant question and change any answer during document generation.

Unique Analysis of Negotiated Documents

With Exari RoundTrip™, users have access to a true, trusted red line.

  • This unique feature allows Word documents produced in the Exari engine to be analyzed after another party has made edits.
  • Data points modified during negotiations can be automatically highlighted and corrected.
  • RoundTrip can highlight changes in the current draft against the original draft.

Extensive Customization Options

Customize DocGen to fit your exact document assembly requirements.

  • The UI can be re-skinned to provide consistency with other integrated applications for complete enterprise use.
  • Internationalization features ensure that all application message text and buttons can be configured for different languages, and documents can be produced in one or multiple languages, including double-byte character sets.
  • User interface customization is supported via extensive CSS and message configuration features.

Exari’s robust authoring tools make creating document templates simple, allowing you to work within your familiar Word environment.

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Exari PowerAuthor™

PowerAuthor is our fully featured document authoring application that lets power users create and edit the most complex documents, forms, clauses and packages. It can handle tables, images, repeating content, embedding of documents and grouping of documents together.

  • Word-like WSIWYG editing allows document authors to create, edit and maintain document content without any exposure to XML tags.
  • Authors easily create most logic by completing simple forms, for example: Topic, Question, Prompts, etc.
  • Variables and other logic can be inserted or applied by choosing from a drop-down menu of available logic.

Exari InstantAuthor™

InstantAuthor is our web-based process for getting new smart templates up and running quickly. No programming skills, downloads, or plug-ins required!

  • Original templates are authored in your familiar Word environment, using simple text markers to show how you want the document automation logic to be set-up.
  • Word templates are then uploaded to Exari and automatically converted to our smart template format.
  • In a few quick steps, document authors then indicate how each question should be presented, and some other basic details. In many cases, a working template can be up and running in minutes.

Exari Template Repository

Store and manage your smart templates and clause libraries in our integrated, web-enabled template repository. And with full version control, you can always be confident that users have access the most up-to-date template. The repository also has advanced capabilities designed to streamline template maintenance, including sharing of clauses, logic, and styles across multiple templates.