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Seamlessly Turn Your Documents into Data

Companies are built on contracts. They are used by every department, effect every deal, and there can be hundreds or thousands of active contracts across any one enterprise. That’s why today’s hyper-competitive global economy demands that you know every clause buried in every contract and understand the risk posed by your entire contract portfolio.

To gain this level of insight, you need to transform your documents into data. Only then can you truly organize, visualize, and operationalize your portfolio. Traditionally, this would require extracting the data manually, an expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone task that would still only yield a portion of the data you need. 

Exari Vision is our world-class contract analysis software, automating the data extraction process to provide unprecedented speed and accuracy, allowing you to fully operationalize your business data. 

In short, we turn documents into data and we do it better than anyone else. 

Watch our video to see how AI-driven data extraction can benefit your company.

Manual extraction is the past. Exari Vision is the future.

Driven by powerful AI, Exari Vision automatically scans your documents and intelligently captures every piece of data with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This data is then mapped to Exari’s innovative Universal Contract Model, which means that the relevant data will be extracted from any type of contract: simple or complex, buy-side or sell-side, legacy or newly drafted, it doesn’t matter.

And because Exari Vision is compatible with Word documents, PDFs, Excel sheets, and scanned images, there’s no need to convert your documents beforehand.


  • Capture data from any contract or supporting document, whether it’s on your paper, a counterparty’s paper, or it’s a legacy contract from years ago.
  • All data is mapped to Exari’s Universal Contract Model, allowing you to capture the necessary data from any contract type.
  • The AI-driven “engine” means that all data will be extracted with unparalleled accuracy.
  • The automated process means that users can spend less time locating the data and more time analyzing and operationalizing it.   
Want to learn more about how Vision can revolutionize your contracting? Download our datasheet.