Exari Contracts Hub™

The Foundation for comprehensive contract management.

With the Hub, all your contracts live in one repository with a host of functionalities that let your team access contract data and extract value from the word go. Features include central storage of all existing and future contracts, robust search and sort functions, access control, risk scoring, and trusted capture of key data points for reporting and analysis. The Hub allows you to monitor risk markers, easily locate and search for terms, study trends across all your contracts, and receive alerts for important contract milestones.


The Hub provides a highly secure environment to capture and report on critical contract data, including milestones, obligations, renewals and revenue risk drivers. Designed to grow with your needs, the Hub is the foundation of good contract management, and the best way to organize, visualize and harness your contract data. Specialty packs for industry-specific and department-specific will allow you to easily view reports and metrics, so you always get exactly what you need out of your contract data.

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  • All contracts live in one fully searchable, highly secure “hub” with access control
  • Capture critical contract data, including milestones and obligations for triggers, reports and analysis
  • Automatic risk scoring of contract data so you know where your risk lives
  • Built-in reports offer 360 degree view of all contracts for complete insight into terms
  • Includes one specialty pack including department- or industry-specific reports, with additional specialty packs available
  • Ready in less than 60 minutes and data capture can begin immediately

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The Main Dashboard gives you instant visibility into your risks and obligations


  • 12+ industry standard reports to expose major legal and operational risk across your contract portfolio
  • Central repository of contracts with role-based permissions, version control and audit trail
  • Dashboards to track important contracts, risks and simple approval tasks
  • Automated email or task alerts on important milestones such as expiry and renewal dates
  • Full-text and advanced field-specific searching across all your contracts
  • 100% cloud-based offering in a highly secure environment
  • Out-of-the-box wizard to capture up to 100 trusted contract data points using Exari’s patented dynamic interview engine
  • Field-level validation to ensure high data accuracy and integrity
“As our legal teams are spread across the globe, we needed to glean meaningful insight from our entire contract portfolio. For us, Exari’s search and sort functions mean we’re organized, while the risk score and reporting functions mean we are confident we know what’s in our contracts.”
- Eric Drattell, General Counsel at RMS, the world leader in risk management solutions


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