Exari Contracts Hub™ for Financial Services

Derivative agreements. Trading agreements. Collateral agreements. Side Letters. Vendor Agreements. These are complex, sophisticated contracts that form the foundation for your business – and your success or failure. These challenges have associated tangible and intangible costs and risks. Without real-time visibility into all your agreements, you run the risk of being out of compliance, in breach or worse – in a position to pay millions of dollars in fines. To dramatically reduce your risk you need a solution proven capable of taming the unique issues in complex Financial Services contracts and collateral.

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A Foundation for managing complex agreements

With the Exari Contracts Hub™ for Financial Services, all of your contract data lives in one repository that offers instant access to key terms, obligations and risk across your entire contract portfolio. Monitor contract milestones and risk markers, easily locate and search for terms and study trends across all of your contracts. In a crisis eliminate the process of reading through hundreds of legal agreements to determine your course of action and access the key information you need faster.

“Organizations are discovering that improved contract management yields financial returns. Gaining visibility is a critical step. Having all contracts in one central, searchable and secure repository provides control and insight into this essential area of business activity.”

                                                                              -Tim Cummins, CEO of IACCM

Start with a proven Data Model



Exari’s Universal Contract Model (UCM) delivers a full and comprehensive view of all contractual rights, risks, obligations and performance provisions. Our unique model is the only platform that delivers a full 360 degree view of contract data. It includes reports specifically designed to capture granular information about all your complex financial documents and the relationships between them.

Unprecedented visibility into complex trading agreements

Exari Contracts Hub™ for Financial Services provides immediate insight into even the most complex trading and investment agreements. You’ll have the ability to model any agreement structure including a simple bilateral agreement, a complex multi-lateral agreement or an Agent to multiple underlying Principals agreement.

Collateral Margins and Thresholds Report

Collateral Margins and Thresholds Report

This amounts to more than just insight-it means asset managers, fund managers, banks and hedge funds have the ability to manage obligations, information and risk in real-time. It means the ability to reap the most reward with the  least amount of risk.

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Achieve 100% Contract Certainty™