Exari Document Assembly – Authoring Tools

In this video, Exari Co-Founder and CTO Justin Lipton, explains the basics of authoring in Exari. Exari provides two different authoring tools – Instant Author and Power Author.

Instant Author allows users to create document templates via their web browser, without the hassle of downloading software or installing plug-ins. Instant Author allows users to take an existing Word template and upload it into Exari and requires no  programming skills or understanding of macros. Authors can automate documents quickly without needing to know anything about the underlying architecture.

Power Author, Exari’s desktop authoring application, provides  unprecedented flexibility and power to handle complex concepts such as smart list handling and logic visualization. Power Author enables users to create complex documents, forms, clauses and groups of documents. Any changes to those documents can be seen instantly in the interview or in the output documents, in multiple formats.

To see how Exari can streamline your document creation process, request a demo.

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