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Exari Advances Big Data Contract Analytics

Newest offering enables companies to leverage all contract data stored in the Exari Contracts platform in partnership with MongoDB

October 30, 2018

Boston, MA – October 30, 2018 – Exari, the leading provider of enterprise contract management software, has announced a partnership with MongoDB. Exari's new AI-powered contract management platform generates large amounts of rich contract data, requiring powerful, reliable and flexible data storage. MongoDB is the leading, modern general-purpose database platform which provides the scalability and flexibility that users want as well as the querying and indexing that users need.

End users need to know the terms and conditions in their contracts day-to-day and understand their rights, risks and obligations. Gaining insight into individual contracts and entire contract portfolios, however, has historically been resource-intensive and costly.

Exari has addressed this problem by building a platform that extracts, models and operationalizes that data. With thousands of data points in every contract, it is essential to have a powerful solution to be able to extract valuable information in a timely manner. With Exari, every right, risk and obligation is easily discoverable to support operations, legal and risk management teams across all contract types, regardless of who originated them. By adding the power of MongoDB, Exari allows companies to create their own sophisticated reports on the fly.

“This solution will truly enhance the ways our clients can interact with and use their contract data,” says Jamie Wodetzki, Exari’s Chief Product Officer. “With the Exari Platform, you have the ability to draft self-service contracts and run self-service data captures. Today, we add self-service reporting to our growing list of customer-focused benefits”.

"Exari is a leader in helping enterprises leverage the entirety of their contract data to make better informed business decisions.” said Alan Chhabra, SVP Worldwide Partners, MongoDB. “The Exari Platform and MongoDB is a powerful example of what can be achieved when next generation solutions work in concert to help solve data problems.”

To learn how Exari’s data capture and reporting capabilities can help your company, contact us today.

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