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Exari Featured in “Silicon Collar”

Latest book from noted industry analyst explores the rise of machines and their impact on the business worker.

November 01, 2016

Boston, MA – November 1, 2016 – Exari, the leading provider of cloud-based contract lifecycle management solutions is being featured in a new book. “Silicon Collar”, an optimistic perspective on humans, machines and jobs is written by noted industry analyst Vinnie Mirchandani. The book looks at how automation – machine learning, robotics, unmanned autonomous vehicles, white collar bots, exoskeletons –is changing the nature of work in over 50 settings – in accounting firms, on the basketball court, in banks, on the battlefront, in digital agencies, in the oil patch, in R&D labs, on shop floors, in wineries, in the warehouse and many more.

In the book Mirchandani interviews Exari CEO Bill Hewitt and discusses the technology Exari is delivering in the Contract Management software market. Hewitt notes that much of the technology being deployed is about eliminating uncertainty in the contracting process. “Contracts are intended to be business tools, and today most contracts are artifacts and only exposed when something goes wrong. The fact is, if companies could operationalize their contract data, they would not miss revenue opportunities and would be 100% informed as to the risk of their contract portfolio.”

Mirchandani blends several distinct voices in this book – the innovation enthusiast, industrial historian, and policy analyst. Assembling a vast collection of voices, examples, and perspectives, he catalogs in detail the amazing human/machine matrix for jobs that are being transformed by technologies – spanning the gamut from handsomely compensated basketball players to much more modest garbage collectors.

To buy “Silicon Collar”, click here.

About the Author 

Vinnie Mirchandani, CEO of Deal Architect Inc, has written about technology-enabled innovation in his celebrated books, “The New Polymath” and “The New Technology Elite”. All his books carry his trademark style, which is fast paced and filled with case studies. His craft reflects over three decades of advisory work at PwC, Gartner and Deal Architect, and his travels and speaking engagements across 50 countries. He is also a prolific blogger on trends in innovative use of technology at “New Florence, New Renaissance”.

About Exari 

Exari is the market-leading Enterprise Contract Management platform for delivering 100% Contract Certainty™. Hundreds of thousands of users across 80 countries use Exari for document assembly, strategic sourcing, contract creation, negotiation, collaboration and contract analytics. 5 of the top 15 banks, 4 of the top insurance brokers, and numerous market-leading energy companies use Exari.

Exari is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in Oslo and Bergen, Norway; London, UK; Munich, Germany; and Melbourne, Australia. Learn more at www.Exari.com.