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Exari Joins Government Cloudstore G-Cloud III

Exari on Government Framework to Ease Procurement

May 15, 2013

London, UK – May 15, 2013 – Exari is pleased to announce we have been awarded services under Lot 3 Software as a Service (SaaS). G-Cloud is intended to allow the UK government to procure in a way that encourages a dynamic and responsive supplier marketplace and supports emerging suppliers.

Exari’s robust and easy to use document generation software addresses the problem of governance, risk management and compliance. Exari will drive cost efficiencies across the creation of repetitive, rule-based documents and forms and can help the transition to ‘digital by default’ by providing the same template as a citizen facing form.

Example documents include complex contracts, court forms, lease agreements, or virtually any type of rule-based document (or set of documents). These templates can be linked into back office application, workflows, case management, and reduce the costs and inaccuracies associated with rekeying data.

Geoff Maskell, Exari’s European Vice President, said: “We look forward to working with the UK Cabinet Office and Government Procurement Service to drive out inefficiencies and streamline the process of document generation. Clearly these are issues which affect governments across the world. US federal agencies have been operating with a cloud first policy since December 2010, and a number of other countries are believed to be considering instituting similar directives.’’

G-Cloud is the UK Government Programme to encourage the adoption of cloud based services. G-Cloud covers the processes of buying, managing and using cloud services.

About Exari

Exari is a global leader in document generation for corporations and top law firms. The Exari system significantly reduces costs, cycle time and risk, and is used worldwide by legal, sales, insurance, investment banking, and government professionals. Exari empowers business people with self-service documents and automates document intensive processes, accelerating the contracts process and reducing the burden on busy legal departments. Clients are supported from Exari offices in Boston, London, Munich and Melbourne. Try a demo of our NDA or Services Agreement.