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Contract Management Solutions for Enterprises

An enterprise contract platform must be designed for everyone who cares about contracts, designed for modular implementation, and designed to be the golden source for contract data and documents, with seamless integration to other enterprise systems.

And just as its name suggests, enterprise contract management is all about standardizing the contracting process and improving insight across all departments, from legal and sales, to IT and HR, to procurement and the C-Suite. The platform must also provide easy access to contract data, meaning that the right information is accessible to the right people at the right time.

Exari is designed to meet all the contract-related challenges facing today's modern enterprise.

Contract Management for Legal and GCs

Updating contracts with cut-and-paste tools isn’t only outdated, it also carries huge contractual risks. The wrong clause, word, or version can devastate compliance and instantly increase risk exposure. Without a controlled process, self-service contract drafting is a disaster waiting to happen, inevitably resulting in high levels of liability.

Close More Deals, Improve Compliance

Exari equips your business and legal teams with the best-in-class enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform. With Exari’s automated templates and clause library, legal departments can be confident that complex contracts are drafted within your company and industry standard. The Exari platform reduces contract creation time from hours to minutes, saves money, accelerates your sales cycle, reduces risk, and improves compliance.

Exari helps global law firm strengthen client relationships and reduce cost
Contract Management for Sales

Increasing your closed deals is the name of the game. Your sales team’s success - and the success of your business - is tied to its ability to hit important revenue targets. To grow revenue you need a way to speed-up your sales cycles while also controlling risk.

Contract-related bottlenecks cause deals to drag out a lot longer than necessary, leading to lost deals and lost revenue. Even worse, these delays can result in rogue contracting, as agreements are hastily thrown together without proper review, leading to lots of unmanaged risk.

Our salespeople can now get a first draft to the customer within a half-hour after agreeing in business terms, no matter where in the world they are located, no matter whether the lawyer normally assigned to them happens to be otherwise engaged. This makes it easier for customers to work with Dow Jones, while improving risk management and internal workflow at the same time.

Mitchell Mackler, Assistant GC, Dow Jones & Co.

Speed-up Your Sales Cycle

As a global leader in CLM platforms, Exari enables customers to reduce the time and expense of sales contracts processing by 50%-70%.

Exari templates, workflows, and approvals help decrease the risk of contracts created or tampered with outside of the legal department. With eSignature integrations such as DocuSign, contracts are immediately sent to customers for fast turnaround and closing. Exari strengthens your business to improve your bottom line.

Contract Management for Human Resources

Human Resources is a document-intensive department. Manual document creation and tracking of conditional terms expose your organization to serious risks and potential compliance violations. Too many things can go wrong when team members are asked to cut-and-paste from existing documents or manually monitor HR contracts and documents.

Bring HR into the 21st Century

Preferred grammar and language are built into templates to guarantee consistency across job level and geography. The system enables more employee self-service as appropriate, and template changes can be done in real time at no incremental cost. From on-boarding to contract renewals, contract management allows you to automate some of your most tedious processes.

With Exari, you’ll have the confidence and security of knowing that your HR documents and contracts are visible, accurate, and compliant. To learn how we make that possible, read our introduction to contract management.
Contract Management for IT

Your IT department enables technologies that help manage the thousands of documents and contracts across your company. From complex legal contracts to employment agreements to sales contracts, you need to ensure that everyone in your organization has the solutions needed to properly create and manage key documents. As such, you demand a solution that will handle all your company’s contract automation requirements and seamlessly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure.

Open architecture, platform independence, and browser accessibility can help to transform the way your company leverages technology to manage your documents.

More Control - Fewer Headaches

Exari’s architecture allows IT professionals to control the way the products behave within existing system and application environments. Our powerful API and workflow allow for easy integration with other systems that surround documents and contracts such as CRM or ERP systems.

Exari software is a Java-based web application that runs on your choice of server hardware and operating system. With no software to download, end users simply need a standard Web browser to complete a wizard style interview and generate customized output documents from any Internet-enabled device.

Exari's open API allows for maximum flexibility. Visit our Robust Integrations page to learn more.

Exari resources are stored in a fully version-controlled, WebDAV enabled content repository. The backend can be configured to use your preferred database (e.g., SQL Server) or network attached storage. All data (including template content and business logic) are stored in nonproprietary XML format. Content is kept separate from contract formatting information, and output documents are rendered in the desired format on demand.

Contract Management for Procurement

The more you buy, the more paperwork you generate. It’s a fact of life for procurement professionals—whether you work for a government agency or a private enterprise.

You need the right RFI, RFP, RFQ, RFT, contract or agreement—and you need to make sure it contains the right clauses and schedules to manage your organization’s risk. When cut-and-paste is your only updating option, standard Word documents can be error-prone, leading to costly and potentially disastrous mistakes.

Miss a closing date, delete the wrong clause or forget to change a name and the entire process can go off the rails. So, for full compliance, you must carefully check every contract and then check it again - creating time and cost inefficiencies that can cripple your department.

The procurement process shouldn’t be complicated or inefficient.

As a procurement professional, you're used to comprehensively evaluating products. Let us make your job easier with our Buyer's Checklist.

Improved Efficiency, Better Compliance, Less Cost

With Exari CLM, you can create compliant tender documents in minutes using a simple, Web-based interview that comprehensively captures every one of your key risks and issues.

For routine transactions, a pre-approved, self-service option is available for creating tenders and contracts. When it comes to high-value transactions, your procurement team can take hours off the amount of time it takes to prepare a quality first draft.

Documents can be delivered in different formats for different users. Read-only PDF lowers the risk of last minute changes, while DOCX/ RTF lets you finish drafting in your preferred word processor. Exari also lets you generate contracts in your preferred XML format, making it easy to share key dates, milestones and other data with contract management and other enterprise systems. Meanwhile, integrated eSignature capabilities make executing your contracts easier than ever.

Exari helps procurement departments reduce risk, lower costs, improve consistency and increase compliance - giving you more time to focus on negotiating the best possible deals.