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From Government Policy to Real-world Results

Government departments are increasingly trying to do more with less, while working to translate policy goals into real-world actions and programs. When you consider the speed of policy changes, combined with the transparency and auditability requirements in back office functions such as HR and Procurement, it can be challenging do what you need to do with what you have.

Can all the various department keep up with the pace and operate within their time, budget, and staffing constraints?

Exari’s automated contract creation software is used around the world by state and federal/central government agencies to streamline contract generation and provide self-service functionality across multiple documents and web forms.

After automating our procurement process with Exari, we are now able to more than halve our contract/RFT creation time and utilise half the previous staff. In addition, even inexperienced personnel are able to prepare consistent, highly compliant documentation.

Michael Honan, Australian Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital
Exari helped Australia's Parks Victoria make their contacting more efficient and their contracts more compliant.
Back Office Benefits
  • Eliminate organizational inefficiencies and reduce drafting costs by 50-70%.
  • Instant reporting allows users to have all important information at their fingertips.
  • Empower end users with compliant, self-service contract creation via web browser interview.
  • Intuitive software allows non-programmers to create smart templates with built-in policy rules.
  • A single repository allows documents to be kept centralized and safe.
Front Office, Citizen, and IT Benefits
  • Reduce the need for IT to create hand-crafted web forms and avoid the requirement for a separate forms product.
  • Eliminate the need for paper forms with intuitive e-forms with built-in guidance.
  • E-forms decrease the potential for errors by eliminating the need to re-key data.
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