Make Complex Financial Documents Less Complex
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Make Complex Financial Documents Less Complex

Financial institutions have always required strict risk management to keep both their clients and regulators happy. With recent market growth and the corresponding growth in assets managed by investment funds comes a greater need to mitigate risk through state-of-the-art management of ever-growing contract portfolios. But how?

Visibility into contract data facilitates better decision making and enhanced management of non-standard terms and client obligations – upon which reputations, penalties, and future deals depend.

Complete contract visibility means being able to capture, access and utilize contract terms; it means a centralized contract repository, out-of-the-box and custom reports, and seamless integration with collateral management systems. Being able to react instantly to triggering events, market changes or crisis scenario instantly will give you time to produce documents of the highest quality in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the risk.

Explore Exari's solution for Financial Service professionals.

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Exari's solutions provide improved compliance with regulations and client obligations, allowing organizations to quickly determine consequences of events such as counterparty rating downgrades or default. Accessible and searchable data means firms can instantly understand new and changing regulatory burdens. Save time and cost through streamlined generation of high-quality, consistent documentation.

No matter what your investment approach, Exari has standard contract templates and reports for rapid implementation, and can create customized contract templates to fit your needs.

Supported Trading Agreements
  • ISDA Master Agreements & CSA
  • International Uniform Brokerage Execution Services (“Give Up”) Agreement
  • Listed Derivatives Account Documents for Futures and Options on Futures
  • Global Master Repurchase Agreements (GMRAs)
  • Global Master Securities Lending Agreements (GMSLAs)
  • International FX and Currency Option Master Agreements (IFXCOs)
  • Prime Brokerage suite of agreements
Supported Client Agreements
  • Client and Fund IMAs & Side Letters
  • Fee Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Custodial Agreements
  • General Custody Agreements
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